About Us

We are two souls, more like brothers separated by two wheels, heading towards one direction, the unknown. Our journey started a few years back with nothing in our head but motorcycle on our hands. Thousands of miles later what we have is more than anything we can ask for. Those who gave us food and shelter, we thank. Nature and all its children, we thank. Riding has taught us a different meaning of life- What it means to dream, to feel the wind, to accept who you are, to let go the burden of your past, and to live each passing mile.

When we started our journey we were a group of 3-4 riders and after few particular rides, it was just us. That was the breaking point when we decided that no matter what the situation is, no matter, whatever happens, we will ride and explore the maximum locations possible. We do not have the typical ride what a society thinks. It will never be going from point A to point B. It will be much more than that.

We call it fun, we call it exploring the culture, we call it feeling the location, we call it meeting and understanding people, eating with them, sharing our stories with them. The road is our friend, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the sea, the sun, the moon, and stars, we seek happiness in these things. Be it riding our motorcycle, climbing the mountain, helping the unknown people, spending time in lost places, wherever we find positivity, we find ourselves.

We are the ones you don’t find in a pack. We are the crazy motorcycle enthusiasts. We are the story tellers.

We are the two monkeys – Ashwin Rajendran and Mahesh Khatate